Why You Should Hire Me As Your Attorney

  1. Personal — I work with you one-on-one. I will listen to you and be your strongest advocate when the going gets tough.

  2. Fearless — I have a proven track record. I have prevailed in some of Hollywood's most high-profile divorce and custody cases.

  3. Effective — I use a two-step process — work the case for settlement but prepare for the courtroom when settling is not possible.

  1. You need a bitch in the courtroom man. I love Debra Opri. She’s bulldozing right through them. She’s winning everything for me.

    -Kevin Hart
  2. Debra fought hard for me...
    she’s my best champion.

    -Pamela Hasselhoff
  3. Debra was there for Michael. She fought for him. She believed in his innocence and wasn’t afraid to say so at a time when few others did.

    -Katherine Jackson
  4. That Debra Opri’s a tiger.
    She just devoured those attorneys...the jury just loved her. And I won because of her.

    -James Brown
  5. I should have hired that bitch... I’d be winning!

    -Anna Nicole Smith