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A strong future for your family with a strong parenting plan

Divorce is often hardest for the younger members of a family. For this reason, many California parents work hard to minimize the impact that the end of their marriage could have on their children. One of the ways that you can do this is by working together on a parenting plan that is sustainable and workable long into the future.

A good parenting plan is instrumental in the post-divorce life of your children. No one knows your children like you do, and you have the right to decide what your custody situation will look like. You do not have to let a court decide what will happen, but may draft a parenting plan that suits your unique needs.

What should be in your parenting plan?

Your parenting plan, often known as a custody and visitation agreement, is the agreement that will outline where your children will stay and how you and your ex-spouse will share parenting time. In your parenting plan, you would be wise to address the following elements:

  • Division of parenting time
  • Summer vacation and holiday visitation
  • Hand-off procedures between parents
  • Which parent will make important decisions for the children

The intent of a parenting plan is to ensure that your child will have care, security and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible after a divorce. Emotions should not drive your decision-making at this time, but rather, you would be wise to keep the best interests of your children as your priority.

You are the expert on your children, not a family law judge. By working with your spouse on these issues and avoiding litigation, you can maintain more control over the final details of your custody and visitation order. Divorce is hard, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to litigation to finalize a workable custody and visitation plan.

A better future for you and your children

There is no easy solution to divorce-related issues and concerns. As hard as custody decisions are, you may be able to reach a positive solution that allows your family to have a strong post-divorce future. You don't even have to get along with your spouse to reach a beneficial agreement out of court. Before you make any important decisions that will have an impact on your life long-term, you would be wise to seek a complete explanation of your legal options.

As a parent, there is no greater concern than what will happen to your children after divorce. With the right plan in place, your kids can move on and move forward in a stable, nurturing environment.

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